Revision 2017 - Media Facade Competition

For the third time, xm:lab cooperates with Revision to invite submissions for display on the the academy's media facade ! We are interested in a wide variety of different topics across the demoscene community, including 2D graphic design, 3D modeling and animation, algorithmic art and design, games and other interactive systems and media architectures.


The media facade is a large backprojection glass facade, fed by 5 projectors, covering two sides of the first floor of one of the school's buildings. See the pictures above to get an idea of the setup. For videos with student work created for this platform, check the links on the right side of this page.


We are inviting all types of animation, which could be both coded or produced with other software tools. Interactive work is generally feasible as well (using e.g. smartphones or WiiMote), but installation and testing is more difficult, since you need to do that here. Contact us if you are interested in deploying an interactive system! Feel free to convert / adapt previous work for this platform! We further welcome remote-entries, which means that attending the Revision party is not required for taking part in the media facade compo. However, the winners will officially announced at the revision party. All you need to submit is a videofile (anything that the VLC player is able to play) with a resolution of 4000 x 600 pixels. You may also add sound as you have access to a remote speaker system that we set up outside for certain occasions. A play time of 5 minutes is the maximum duration of a clip - you may also create "loopable" stuff, such that we may e.g. run very short animations up to 5 minutes smoothly. Note that your entries run during the evening / at night which means that the environment outside is barely visible and the sky is dark.


The special feature of this screen (which is folded around a corner) is that you may create a 3D illusion of your scene, which appears to be inside of the building. This has to be optimized for one viewing point, preferably at the opposite site of the street - i.e. the camera position of the sample videos on the right.


We will set up a jury to choose the winner, to whom we will offer the following:

  • glas trophy designed by a product designer from our school 
  • The best three contributions will be shown regularly at night on our media facade, of course with full credits to the authors. We will also promote the winners on our website.
  • An invitation to visit our school to either present your work and give a talk. We will discuss this in detail with you to adjust it to your personal preferences - this is optional of course!

How to Submit

It would be great if you could send us a notice until March 24, announcing that you are preparing a submission. This is not mandatory but it would help us to prepare and organize everything.


Deadline for the final submission is April 2! We encourage everybody to send your work earlier than that such that we have the opportunity to test everything on site and give you the chance for final adjustments. We will present all submissions on the screen in a loop during the festival (starting when it gets dark) and also for some days before and after the party! Depending on how many clips we will receive we may publish a calendar with screening times.


You can find a more technical discussion on how to prepare submissions here!


General Rules: The general submission rules of all Revision competitions apply here as well, see also the revision general rules section. That particularly holds for:

  • “Racism, child pornography and any kind of content that violates German law will be disqualified. Period.
  • Entries have to be free of third party rights unless you have a legal license to use the given content. This means no ripped music or vocal samples, no movie snippets, no closeups of trademarked logos etc. Violations will result in immediate disqualification. If you are unsure what exactly is allowed and what isn't, please have a look at the copyright page or contact us.
  • We have the right not to show your production on the bigscreen if we think them to be total crap or detestable, even in competitions without preselection. This does not disqualify your production and you can still vote for it. Please save yourself from having freedom of speech discussion - you can of course say what you want, but you certainly cannot force us to help you with it.”


One exception is the rule about remote participation: As stated above, you are not required to attend Revision 2017 to participate in this compo!

For further questions, please contact Marcel Köster: