Both an institute and a network, xm:lab brings together people from across the disciplines, some attached to Media Art & Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar, others external but linked through their involvement in collaborative research processes. If you have a project you wish to link with our lab, or would like to be involved in one of our initiatives, do not hesitate to contact us.

Managing Directors / Geschäftsführung


Dr. Michael Schmitz

Stellv. Geschäftsführer / Assoc. Managing Director


Dr. Soenke Zehle

Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

Board / Vorstand


Prof. Andreas Brandolini

Product Design / Digital Fabrication


Prof. Burkhard Detzler

Media Art and Design / Technologies of Play


Prof. Daniel Hausig

Fine Art / Senses of Light


Assoziiertes Mitglied / Associate Board Member


Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger

Media Informatics

Affiliate Researchers / Assoziierte Wissenschaftler/innen



Laura Meneses Adams

Artist in Residence



Mert Akbal

Project Leader, Technomania


Peter Cornwell

Affiliate Researcher

Sustainable Archive Systems for OER Repositories


Nico Czaja

Writer, Storywalker Project


Tanja Deman

Artist in Residence, xm:lab / studioblau


Henrik Elburn

Technical Director, Senses of Light

Interaction Design, Typemotion


Christina Kral

Publishing Futures


Marcel Köster

Space Simulation, 3D Environments, Media Facade


Alessandro Ludovico

Publishing Futures


Eric Medine

Artist in Residence

xm:lab / studioblau


Quirin Pils

Developer Exchange / Mokolo


Dr. Christine Stenzer

Co-Curator / Project Management Schriftfilme / Typemotion


Jan Tretschok

Project Leader, Open Video / Mokolo


Elizabeth Weissensteiner

Artist in Residence, xm:lab / studioblau


Simon Worthington

Project Leader, Transmedia Publishing




Ludmila Pimentel

Choreographer, Professor of Dance

Escola de Dança da UFBA, Brazil

Motion Capture Research, 2012

Carolin Wiedemann

Hamburg University

Co-Editor Depletion Design, 2012

Visiting Professors

Sylke Enders

Gastprofessur Max Ophuels, 2014




Eric Drooker

Gastprofessur Frans Masereel, 2013


Fred Kelemen

Gastprofessur Max Ophuels, 2013

Student Researchers / Studentische Forschungsprojekte



Thierry Bock

Ceramics 3D Printing (Prof. Brandolini)


Christopher Kaiser

Serious Games im Arbeitsprozess

Staatsexamen (Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger)


Stefan Fey

Augmented Reality Game (Prof. Detzler)


Simon Pähler

Virtual Reality (Prof. Detzler / Dr. Zehle)

Peer-to-Peer Educators / Tutor/innen

The xm:lab mentoring program offers advanced students / graduates an opportunity to design and lead research-based educational projects. They work closely with student participants as well as supervising faculty. xm:lab tutors support education and research projects through peer-to-peer assistance and project documentation. Involved in an ongoing exchange across projects, mentors and tutors are encouraged to reflect on the dynamic of peer-to-peer education and the communication of their projects to diverse audiences.


Mentors 2013-4


Felix Christmann

Generative Design (Prof. Brandolini / Prof. Detzler)


Henrik Elburn

Generative Interfaces (Prof. Hausig)


Elizabeth Pich

Comic-Forum (Dr. Zehle)


Christine Schoesser

3D Ceramics Printer (Hannes Käfer / Prof. Brandolini)




Fabian Mansmann

Visualizations for Stage Productions (Prof. Detzler)


Tutors 2013-4  


Thierry Bock

Grasshopper / Parametric Design (Hannes Käfer)


Marion Cziba

Public Communication, Light_Act_Project (Prof. Hausig)  


Stefan Fey

3D Custom Game Design (Dr. Michael Schmitz)


Martin Fell

Programming, Light_Act_Project (Prof. Hausig)


Christian Goldstein

Linux / Mac SysAdmin (Dr. Michael Schmitz / Martina Dörr)


Matthias Hauck

Physical Computing / Arduino (Hannes Käfer)


Jonathan Kunz

Comic-Forum (Dr. Zehle)


Joni Marriott

Forschungsprojekt Frans Masereel (Dr. Zehle / Peter Riede)


Nils Pollom

Project Documentation, Media Facade (Dr. Schmitz)


Michael Voigt

Programming / Resolume, Light_Act_Project (Prof. Hausig)


Tim Vollmer

Kommunikation / Administration dpz (Hannes Käfer)


Lukas Winter

Mechanik / Mechatronik / Administration dpz (Hannes Käfer)