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04 / 05 / 2013


"FabJam X OuiShareFest is over! The first one-day event that brought together 18 fabspaces from all over the world for a creative fab-sprint!"


Und wir waren dabei! Das dpz beteiligte sich als einziger deutscher fabspace am 4. Mai am fabjam, einem eintägigen Kreativworkshop zum Thema "Urban Farming" in einer digitalen Produktionsumgebung. In Gruppenarbeit wurden Konzepte rund um das Thema Urban Farming entwickelt, diskutiert und direkt in Prototypen und Modellen umgesetzt. Die Ergebnisse wurden am Abend im Rahmen einer gemeinsamen Videokonferenz online präsentiert.


Organisation: Felix Christmann, Hannes Kaefer


Teilnehmer/innen: Felix Christmann, Jasper Förtsch, Christoph Hübner, Hannes Kaefer, Sarah Krieger, Sebastian Rüstig, Tim Vollmer

Paris, May 2-3-4, 2013
Paris, May 2-3-4, 2013

"Die Collaborative Economy in Europa kommt in Schwung. Zahlreiche kollaborative, Peer-to-Peer-und Open-Source-Alternativen sind im Begriff die Art und Weise, wie wir Waren und Dienstleistungen produzieren und konsumieren, neu zu definieren. Das Oui Share Fest ist die erste große europäische Veranstaltung über die Collaborative Economy. Dieses dreitägige Festival wird ein globales Netzwerk von Unternehmern, Designern, Ökonomen, Investoren, Politikern und Bürgern zusammenbringen, um die Zukunft der Collaborative Economy zu gestalten."

"The Collaborative Economy in Europe is gaining momentum. Countless collaborative, peer-to-peer, and open alternatives are reinventing the way we produce and use goods, resources and services, harnessing the power of communities. Oui Share Fest is the first major European event dedicated to the collaborative economy. This three-day festival will bring together a global community of entrepreneurs, designers, makers, economists, investors, politicians and citizens to build a collaborative future.


Oui Share Network
Oui Share Network

OuiShare is an open global community of passionate people (entrepreneurs, designers, makers, researchers, public officials, citizens and many others) working to accelerate the shift toward a more collaborative economy. We are a not-for-profit organization founded in January 2012, whose mission is to explore, connect and promote the ideas and projects which we believe can bring upon huge societal benefits through sharing, collaboration and openness. If the past ten years have been about finding new ways to connect, create and share on the web, the next ten years will be about applying these principles in the real world.


Right now, countless collaborative, peer-to-peer and open alternatives are reinventing the way we produce and make use of goods, resources and services, harnessing the power of communities:

  • Collaborative Consumption puts access over ownership, leveraging peer-to-peer networks to reinvent how we share, rent, swap or trade goods and services.
  • Makers bring on a new industrial revolution, driven by digital fabrication tools like 3Dprinters, facilities like FabLabs, open source hardware designs and DIY communities.
  • Peer-to-Peer Finance fuels the system through crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, while proposing alternatives for value exchange in currencies and gift economies.
  • Open Knowledge is opening institutions such as governments, science, education and culture, while turbo-charging the overall development of all these initiatives.

The disruptive potential of these models is enormous, but challenges lie ahead. What are they? There is little knowledge about the potential impact of these new models, and little systemic vision about the change they will bring to society and the economy. Too few of these projects are actually collaborating. Few know about each other, and a lot are stuck in a competing mindset. We believe they could benefit from learning from each other, while accelerating the pace of change and enriching the commons. The collaborative economy needs better exposure and education, which could fasten the adoption of new user practices, encourage policy-makers to support sustainable models, and drive business model reinvention by enlightened professionals. OuiShare is dedicated to addressing these issues. How? By building knowledge, events, tools and connections, while setting up a community-powered accelerator for inspiring projects.