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Cultures of Open

A collaborative research effort, "cultures of open" explores openness as a principle of design.


  • Open AI
  • Open Data
  • Open Hardware
  • Open Software
  • Open Innovation
  • Open Societies


If openness facilitates access, participation, and sharing, it does so as a consequence of deliberate design decisions.

Whether the domain is open data, open hardware, open software, open organization, or open societies, the open demands that we decide: open to what and to whom, in what contexts and under what conditions.

Openness cannot be taken for granted, it has to be created and sustained.

Both state (being open) and process (becoming open), openness is a call to design: objects as shareable, processes as participative, organizations as subject to self-organization, societies as open to change.

A multidisciplinary approach cuts across the distinctions between hardware and software, culture and economy, individual and collective agency to comprehend how openness operates as a principle of design in the context of radical technological transformation.


  • dpz - Digitales Produktionszentrum, HBKsaar
  • K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik gGmbH
  • Open Saar e. V.
  • xm:lab - Experimental Media Lab, HBKsaar


  • 2019-05-30 - Open Software: Libre Graphics Meeting 2019 (LGM)
  • 2019-10-01 - Open Data: Seminar "Cultures of Open", HBKsaar
  • 2019-11-05 - Open Data: Conference "Digital Cultural Heritage"
  • 2019-11/12 - Open AI: Workshop "Maschinen-Gedächtnis", HMS