Too fast to past

SS 2019


Lars Zimmermann




Industrie- und Systemdesign
Interaktive Produktion
Möbel- und Ausstattungsdesign

Projekt Art


Vorlesungen zum Projekt

Openness makes the world go round!

The PLA is a material with which objects are made in a very short period of time thanks to 3D printing. Hence also the definition of the name of the project: TooFastToPast, which refers to the material used, usually printed 3D very quickly, and so quickly thrown if something goes wrong. In addition to the wrong printed objects, the main source of waste are the filaments that are 'residues' of the reels.

What was born is a small analogue machine for plastic compression moulding.

With the aim of bringing people closer, as much as possible, to the materials available to them, Too Fast To Past reuses the waste materials from the rapid prototyping laboratory in order to obtain a new production process with low energy and resources content.



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