Open Video Course Sprint

Course Sprint:

18 - 20 April 2013

10:00 - 18:00


Public Final Event:

April 20, 6 PM



MS Stubnitz

Canary Wharf Tubestation

Montgomery Street

Wood Wharf E14 9SB

London, UK



Nearest Tube is Canary Wharf – take the Montgomery Street exit and cross the pontoon bridge. Click here for Street Map


The workshop / course sprint (facilitator: Mick Fuzz) is part of the international Open Video series launched with the Open Video Forum in 2012. The current version of the course is part of the School of Open, a collaboration between Creative Commons and P2P University. The course will be translated and serve as point of departure for the creation of Open Video Handbooks.




Larisa Blazic (University of Westminster), Clara E. Brekke (MayDay Rooms), Giles Boudet (MDesigner), Rob Canning, Valentina Floris (SDNA), Ben Foot (SDNA), Mick Fuzz (FLOSS Manuals), Pete Gomes (Mutant Film), Adnan Hadzi (Deptford TV), Caroline Heron (Mute Publishing), Anna Morris (Free Software Foundation Europe), Kate Mara (Filmmaker Into the Fire), Alyaa Musa (Sudan Film Factory), James Stevens (dekspace), Jan Tretschok (xm:lab), Sacha van Geffen (FLOSS Manuals, Greenhost ISP), Philo van Kemenade (London Video Hackspace), Dave Yossarian (Escape Goat), Soenke Zehle (xm:lab)

Open Educational Resources

Our goal is to produce an introductory course for open video in the areas of end-user technologies (viewing, encoding, editing, subtitling etc) and developer tools (transcoding, web applications, developing for mobile devices). This course will be used in teaching and promoted as open educational resource (OER), including film and developer networks in newer netcultures (see Open Video Sudan, Mokolo).