Interactive Radio Plays for Amazon Echo and other Alexa Devices

Alexa, Shoot the Stranger!

Interactive Radio Plays for Amazon Echo and other Alexa Devices


We are interested in projects that integrate art & design in storytelling and new technological infrastructures, such as the Hörspur project that brings interactive fiction (IF) into spaces (link). Interactive Storytelling infuses narratives with elements of gaming to provide immersive and engaging experiences.


In this project, students will program Amazon’s Alexa system, a new commercial speech-based platform gaining popularity through the sale of Amazon Echo (dot) devices. The aim will be to create a bridge from established interactive storytelling tools (e.g. Twine or Inform7) to the Alexa system in order to allow non-technicians to deploy interactive Radio Plays as an Alexa Skills.


The 1-3 students in this project (MAD Project, Medienprojekt or Bachelor Thesis) will:

  1. Start coding with the Alexa SDK
  2. Get familiar with existing to IF tools (e.g. Twine)
  3. Design and plan a system to (partially) transform a (e.g.) Twine Script into the Alexa environment 4
  4. Implement this system
  5. Create an example with professional writer, speaker, game designer from our network



  • solid, general programming skills
  • interest in interactive storytelling
  • interest in applications of speech processing and synthesis?


Questions, expressions of interest, applications go to: Michael Schmitz, m.schmitz@xmlab.org, 0681 92652122


PS: A text on the genre: https://www.vice.com/en_id/article/vv5m7x/the-next-wave-of-games-dont-need-screens-id