At xm:lab, research and experimentation span four research areas: Technologies of Play explores the broad spectrum of play, utilizing game mechanics and alternative interfaces to enrich not just traditional gaming but diverse playful experiences that enhance educational and social outcomes; Immersive Media, which merges digital media with physical spaces to transform artistic expression and audience interaction; Generative Arts & Design, where the interaction between methods and tools of Generative AI and artistic processes is explored; and Hybrid Prototyping, focusing on the integration of digital and physical elements to create interactive systems and processes. These areas collectively highlight xm:lab’s dedication to blending technology with innovation in art & design, pushing the limits of how creative practices interact with and influence modern technology landscapes.

Technologies of Play

Game Design // Playful Systems // Games for Purpose // Alternative Interfaces


Immersive Media

Virtual & Augmented Reality // Projection Mapping // Interactive Performances


Arts & Design

Generative AI // Cognitive Art // Fiction as Simulation


Hybrid Prototyping

Physical Computing // Tangible Interfaces // Digital Fabrication